“INTO SIGHT at SIAF2024” Regarding the Exhibition

At Sapporo Cultural Arts Community Center (SCARTS), the screening of HIRAKAWA Norimichi’s work “six-petal automata,” which was postponed due to the artist’s health reasons, will begin on Saturday, February 10th.
Please enjoy the exhibition, a collaboration between Sony Group Corporation and artist HIRAKAWA Norimichi based in Sapporo.

“six-petal automata”
Snowflakes, as represented by the term “rikka” (“six-petal flowers” in Japanese), have a symmetrical, hexagonal grid-like structure. INTO SIGHT has a similar visual structure, featuring squares that repeat through mirrored reflections.
Combining photographs of actual snow, taken in the mountains of Sapporo City with cellular automaton computational models, the work explores the duality between natural laws and computational algorithms, physicality and logic, and subjects and objects.
The work’s title, Sekkafu, or “six-petal automata”, is derived from the title of a book published in 1995, and featuring contributors who were captivated by the beauty of snow, including Dr. Yoshinori Furukawa, the past director of the Institute of Low Temperature Science at Hokkaido University.

* Screening Schedule
“INTO SIGHT at SIAF2024” two works, Sony Group Creative Center’s “Coded Ambience” and HIRAKAWA Norimichi’s “six-petal automata,” are screened alternately at approximately 15-minute intervals.

* Distribution of numbered tickets during crowded times
In case of congestion inside the venue, entry restrictions will be enforced through numbered tickets. Therefore, there may be waiting times for entry. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our visitors and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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