A School for the Future

As part of SIAF2024, we have been carrying out various projects based on one of our major policies of envisioning the future through art. Among these is the SIAF School, a new endeavor which prepared for the festival with the help of a number of experts including artists, researchers, and educators, who consider the festival as a platform with such great potential that it could become a “school for the future.”

The following activities are on offer at SIAF2024. See what takes your fancy and join in!

Look & Learn


Take Part & Experience



See the exhibitions & envision the future

Venue Details

Hmm… Guides

Gallery Tours

Guidebook Kit

Take part in workshops & create the future


Create Your Own Snowflake Online

Comicaroid Project

Sapporo Future Undokai

Wacom Workshop

Discover new ways of educating alongside teachers

Education Cafe

Enjoy the festival in your own way

Getting Around SIAF2024

Open Calls / Collaborative Projects

Learn more about
the SIAF School programs!

Please note that all programs are
delivered in Japanese only.

Create Your Own Snowflake Online *opens in July

A programming application developed by artists designed for 6-15 year-olds in which you can create your own snowflake.

Last Snow Lectures

A series of public lectures and workshops that introduce SIAF2024 programs and related topics .

The Hmm… Project

A project in which Hmm… Supporters, trained volunteer support staff, learn to communicate with visitors in a variety of ways to help them enjoy the festival more fully.

Creative Experiments at Schools in Sapporo

A project which entails artists performing outreach workshops in schools to deliver “Create Your Own Snowflake” experiences using a programming application.

Education Cafe

A new community for teachers and the management team of SIAF School to discuss the challenges and possibilities that art and education bring.