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Climatic Reflector

Feb 4 (Sun) - 11 (Sun)


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Climate change frequently headlines the news, yet it’s often challenging for many to internalize it as a matter of personal concern. Are we actively addressing climate change, being involuntarily drawn into it, or are we detached? When we come across social media posts addressing these issues, it’s sometimes hard to discern whether the concern for climate change is genuine or if it’s more about a self-congratulatory of one’s engagement with the issue. Even the concept of ‘eco’, which should embody a sacred and non-consumable attitude towards the environment, has been somewhat commercialized on social media platforms. It’s a realization that some people may only fully grasp the seriousness of climate change when they step back and objectively observe their involvement with it. This piece has been created as a tool to visualize this ‘active engagement with climate change’ of individuals, reflecting on such nuanced understanding.


Visualization:Yuta Morofuji
Sound:Momoha Anayama
Dataset:Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington

Reflector “OCEAN-PATTERNS” visualizes data from a 70-year simulation of sea surface conditions. In this visualization, a single object is composed based on sea surface temperature, mixed layer depth, and salinity concentration. What kind of perception of the sea and nature can be achieved through this device?


Visualization:Maki Ito 
Sound:Misaki Yamao
Dataset:Japan Meteorological Agency Website, Phenological Observation Data

Reflector “PHENOLOGY” depicts the seasonal traditions of the past 66 years based on data. Climate change and shifts in land utilization have progressively transformed the essence of seasonal traditions. From the changing patterns of the first song of the bush warbler, cherry blossom and hydrangea blooms, the first chirping of cicadas, the first sighting of red dragonflies, and the autumn leaves of maple trees, what kind of future can we envision?

WORK:Reflector “FREON”

Visualization:Shodai Kayama
Sound:Misaki Yamao
Dataset:Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington

Reflector “FREON” visualizes the data of CFC accumulated in the ocean over the past 60 years. Although the usage of fluorocarbons was regulated due to their negative impact on the environment, nowadays the remnants still influence climate. What will happen with these artificial residues in the future?


Visualization:Misaki Yamao
Sound:Misaki Yamao
Dataset:NASA Ozone Watch 

Reflector “SONIFIED OZONE” indicates the fact of the ozone hole in Antarctica over the past 42 years through sound and visuals. UNEP reports signs of recovery, however, destruction to regeneration takes about 100 years. Will we be able to witness the rebirth in our life?


Visualization:Yuki Yoshida
Sound:Momoha Anayama
Dataset:Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data 2023' for Sentinel data
Elevation data:MERIT DEM

Reflector “WATER CITY” displays a satellite photo created by generative AI based on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s report, which predicts that under the worst-case scenario of global warming, sea levels will rise by more than five meters by the year 2300. What kind of city and lifestyle do you imagine in this photo?

DatesSunday, February 4 – Sunday, February 11, 2024
VenueAurora Plaza, Sapporo Underground Shopping Mall – Aurora Town
AddressAurora Town, Odori Nishi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
ArtistsMitsubishi Electric Corporation / Integrated Design Center + Keio University Akira Wakita Laboratory
ContactSapporo International Art Festival Executive Committee
E-mail: info@siaf.jp