the festival
Tips for SIAF2024

Weekly Themes

We will be exploring different weekly themes that add a unique twist to the festival, so you can always find new ways to enjoy SIAF no matter how many times you visit. The themes might also give you a good idea of when you might like to come.
Check back soon for more information on events during the festival!

Let’s Upaste!!

Open Calls & Collaborative Projects

In addition to the programs at the six main venues, there will be over 20 events across the City of Sapporo. This will include collaborative programs with local facilities and organizations, and future themed open-call programs such as exhibits and concerts, all to build additional excitement for the festival.

Volunteer Support Program
The Hmm… Project

A volunteer support program that will enhance visitors’ encounters with the artwork and exhibits at SIAF2024. The “Hmm… Supporters” welcome visitors and the “Hmm… Guides” facilitate interactions between the visitors and the artwork. The Future Theater will host guided programs every weekend during the festival.


A variety of tours are on offer to help you get creative and explore SIAF2024. Check out our convenient and affordable plans that include buses, tour guides, SIAF Passport tickets, and more.


From Haneda Airport
3 days, 2 nights!

Recommended Winter Wear

What kind of clothing should you wear in Sapporo? Sapporo may be cold outside with harsh winters and temperatures below freezing, but layers are recommended as it is toasty indoors. Check here for a handy clothing guide.

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A range of artwork and projects from Japan and around the world will be presented
at six different venues across the city at Sapporo International Art Festival 2024,
held in winter for the very first time!