Getting Around SIAF2024

Visit SIAF2024 and make the most of your winter in Sapporo!
For the duration of the festival, you can enjoy exhibitions and programs as well as a large number of workshops, music events, and local foods at the six main venues and more throughout the city.
Below you can find guidebooks, venue maps, recommended visitor itineraries, the beginners’ guide to SIAF, and other information on how to get around SIAF2024!

01SIAF2024 Guidebook Kit

Visit venues to collect guidebooks and get original SIAF novelty items!

The SIAF2024 Guidebook Kit is made up of a collection of five different booklets. Pick up the Festival Guidebook and four unique Venue Guidebooks to complete your SIAF2024 journey!


Maps that include the main and affiliated venues of the festival, as well as a number of recommended stops like local restaurants with hot food to beat the cold!

Make the most of your artistic winter journey by referring to these maps for the closest stations and bus stops.

03Recommended Visitor Itineraries

Sample visitor itineraries that show you how to capitalize on both the festival artwork and the winter city of Sapporo.

After all, if you’re coming all the way to Sapporo, you want to enjoy the city as well as SIAF!
If you only have a limited time frame, you need to get around efficiently. Use our model itineraries to learn how to spend your time in Sapporo wisely and get around the city.

04Beginner’s Guide: FAQ

First-time visitors to the festival can breathe easy!

Recommended for those who are new to the festival or visiting Sapporo in winter for the first time. Check here for a list of answers to your questions!

Please note the following before your visit:

  • Some of the festival works will be on display outdoors. For visitor safety and artwork preservation, these exhibitions may not be open to the public in poor weather conditions. In such cases, visitors will be notified via this website and SIAF social media accounts.
  • Please follow signage and staff instructions regarding photography and uploads on social media.
  • Venues and events during the festival may be photographed and/or filmed. Please be advised that your image may be used on various media platforms, websites, and social media, etc. We thank you for your understanding.
  • Please take care of your personal belongings and valuables.
  • Some of the artwork and materials exhibited at the venues are fragile. Please be careful during your visit.