Getting Around SIAF2024

SIAF2024 Guidebook Kit

Visit every venue to collect all five free guidebooks!

The SIAF2024 Guidebook Kit is made up of a collection of five different booklets. In addition to the Festival Guidebook, which contains all the useful information you need to get around, each of the following four venues has its own Venue Guidebook which will only be available at that venue. We hope you are able to collect all the guidebooks on your “journey.”

Festival Guidebook

Contains a complete overview of the festival including maps of the main venues, information on the different exhibitions and programs at each venue, events during the festival, a variety of open calls and collaborative events, and local food that can be enjoyed nearby.
The Festival Guidebook will be distributed at each venue and at various locations around the city.

Venue Guidebooks
Future Theatre (Higashi 1-chome Theater)

Elaborates on numerous initiatives that allow visitors to look 100 years into the future alongside comments from SIAF Director OGAWA. (Available from Jan 20)

Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art

Includes explanations of exhibited works at the museum and related topics, tracing the past from 100 years ago to the present day. (Available from Jan 20)

Sapporo Art Museum

Introduces Maywa Denki’s Nonsense Machines and other inventions that will be exhibited at the museum, including an entertaining worksheet for visitors to try out the “Nonsense Way of Thinking” themselves.

Moerenuma Park

Contains a talk from the three organizers of the Sapporo Future Undokai (a Japanese sports day/field day), as well as information on the two exhibitions held at the park. (Available from Jan 20)

Collect the guidebooks to get original festival goods!

Visitors who collect all five guidebooks to complete a snow crystal with the covers will receive a novelty item (starting from January 20.)

Locations for novelty item exchange:

Sapporo Cultural Arts Community Center (SCARTS) Information Counter
Future Theatre (Higashi 1-chome Theater)Information Desk
Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art Information Desk
Sapporo Art Museum Information Desk
Moerenuma Park Shop

Additional Guidebooks

The other venues will also have their own original guidebooks. Be sure to pick them up!
(Additional Guidebooks are not eligible for novelty item exchange)

Sapporo Cultural Arts Community Center

A leaflet from the SIAF2024 Visitor Center which introduces the various exhibits and events at the venue.

Shiryokan(Former Sapporo Court of Appeals)

Contains information on the three exhibition rooms at the Shiryokan. A stamp rally point is located in each exhibition room. Visitors who receive all the stamps can claim a discount on beverages in the SIAF Cafe.