Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art

Title 1924-2024 Fragile [Handle with Care]

The title for this exhibition comes from the English word “fragile,” typically written on shipping boxes containing artwork as a warning to carriers and the receiving galleries to exercise caution. The contents may be delicate or vulnerable, but can be handled with care. Not only is art often physically fragile, but the zeitgeist and values that are embedded in it are also sensitive and easily damaged. Taking these words and meanings as its title, the exhibition will re-examine the period covering 100 years ago to the present day.

In addition to artwork that symbolizes the exhibition’s name, this exhibition consists of pieces from the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art collection as well as new works by contemporary artists who elevate existing techniques and genres into unique forms of expression.

The special affiliated exhibition “Contemporary AINU ART And Crafts 2024” will also be held at the museum from Jan 13 – March 10. We highly recommend visiting both exhibitions.

*Separate ticket purchase required.

CuratorNAKAMURA Seiji (Vice-director, Curator, Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art)
ArtistABE Hiroshi, HIRANO Yoshikuni, ISHII Toru, KON Wajiro, MIYATA Sayaka, YUKUTAKE Harumi
Artist from museum collectionsABE Ten-ei, Bridget RILEY, Dana ZÁMEČNÍKOVÁ, HANADA Kazuharu, HONDA Meiji, ICHIHARA Arinori, Joan MIRO, Josef ALBERS, KOSHIBA Sotoichi, KUNIMATSU Noboru, KUNIYOSHI Yasuo,KURIYAGAWA Kenichi, LEE U-fan, Léonard FOUJITA (FOUJITA Tsuguharu) + Atelier Simon Marq, MATANO Daishiro, NAKAMURA Kimi, NAMBATA Tatsuoki, Richard ANUSKIEWICZ, Stanislav LIBENSKÝ + Jaroslava BRYCHTOVÁ, Stanley William HAYTER, SUGIYAMA Rumiko, SUNADA Tomoji, UENOYAMA Kiyotsugu, Victor VASARELY
Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples collectionsAnnie Akulukjuk Kilabuk, Eva Jaaka, H. Manonq, Irene Avaalaaqiaq Tiktaalaaq, Martha Apsaq, Martha Hiqiniq, Martha Kogvik, Martha Tickiq, Martha Tiktaq Anautalik, Mary K. Okheena, May Kenalik, M. Killulark, Nancy Pukingrnak Aupaluktuq, Olive Mamak Innakatsik, Paulina Ulurksik Kolit, Qariksaq, R. Vosuaq+B. Lode, Vera Avaala, Victoria Kayuryuk【and more】
OrganizersHokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Sapporo International Art Festival Executive Committee, City of Sapporo

Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art

Venues requiring admission fees

Kita 1-jo Nishi 17chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Saturday, January 20 - Sunday, February 25, 2024
Opening Hours
9:30-17:00(Admission ends 30 minutes before closing time)
Dates Closed
Closed: Mondays(Open on Mondays if they fall on a National Holiday or substitute holiday, and closed the next weekday instead)
Getting Here
  • 5-min walk from Nishi-Juhatchome Station (Subway) on the Tozai Line or 1-min walk from Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art Bus Stop (Chuo Bus/JR Bus)Details
Affiliate parking is available nearby.