Moerenuma Park

Title Snow Park of the Future

Moerenuma Park will be hosting three different programs under the umbrella of “Snow Park of the Future.”

The first of these is “Sapporo Future Undokai,” a co-creation project in which participants conceive new winter sports, sharing ideas, creating their own equipment and rules, and then completing a real undokai (Japanese sports day/field day) together on a vast, snowy field.

Throughout the festival, a “Future Undokai Room” will be open in the Glass Pyramid, where a corner for visitors to engage in the sports created for the “Future Undokai” will be located and mini-workshops will be held every weekend. Just before SIAF comes to a close, an “Undokai Hackathon” will take place on February 23 with the goal of coming up with another new sport, and on February 24, the “Sapporo Future Undokai” will go ahead with a total of 200 participants.

Works from two internationally acclaimed artists will also be featured at the park. Inside the Glass Pyramid, an 8K audiovisual piece by WAKITA Akira will present the dynamics of the earth’s evolution over billions of years, and on weekends only, Jussi ÄNGESLEVÄ from Finland and Swiss artist unit AATB will present an ice and lighting performance with robotic arms in the snow storage space which is not usually open to the public.

Jussi ÄNGESLEVÄ + AATB, Pinnannousu exhibition dates:
Work in Progress (public display of art-making process): Jan 20 (Sat) & Jan 21 (Sun)
Exhibition: Jan 27 (Sat) & Jan 28 (Sun)
Documented Exhibition:
Feb 3 (Sat), Feb 4 (Sun), Feb 10 (Sat), Feb 11 (Sun), Feb 12 (Monday/National Holiday)

CuratorMIYAI Kazumi (Curator, Moerenuma Park)
ArtistJussi ÄNGESLEVÄ + AATB, Sapporo Future Undokai, WAKITA Akira
OrganizersSapporo International Art Festival Executive Committee, City of Sapporo
Joint SponsorshipSapporo Parks and Greenery Association

Moerenuma Park

Free Venues

Moerenuma Koen 1-1, Higashi-ku, Sapporo
Saturday, January 20 - Sunday, February 25, 2024
Opening Hours
Dates Closed
Open on Mondays if they fall on a National Holiday or substitute holiday, and closed the next weekday instead
Getting Here
  • 35-min drive from Sapporo Station (JR/Subway) or take the Toho Line to Kanjo-Dori-Higashi Station (Subway), 25-min bus to Moerenuma Koen Higashiguchi (east entrance) Bus Stop, and 15-min walk.