Future Theater
(Higashi 1-chome Theater)

Title 2124 –Where the Future Begins–

The long-standing Higashi 1-chome Theater (formerly Hokkaido Shiki Theatre) has been renamed by SIAF as the “Future Theater,” to be used as a base for festival-goers to experience, contemplate, and act for the sake of the future through the medium of art.

Firstly, a passageway leading to the stage invites you to “Time Travel.” Beyond the passageway, the “Landscape of the Future” unfurls before you. Directly beneath the stage, two artists present the “Alchemy of Time and Space,” and backstage, six artists present “Tales From 100 Years’ Time” which broach the subject of the future of humanity. From there, you will return to the stage, entering a space that embodies the theme of “Crisis Now.” “Mirai Lab” then awaits you at the end, where a hands-on scene will unfold in which everyone takes action for the future. After completing your journey at the Future Theater, you will become “actors” for the future in what was once no more than a simple seating area.


  • Time Travel: KOMAKUS, SHII Taihei
  • Landscape of the Future: CHOE U-Ram
  • Alchemy of Time and Space: AOKI Mika, GOTO Akinori
  • Tales From 100 Years’ Time: Amy KARLE, Superflux, Xin LIU, Tega BRAIN + Julian OLIVER + Bengt SJÖLÉN, NAKAZATO Yuima, HASEGAWA Ai
  • Crisis Now: Giovanni BETTI + Katharina FLECK, Kathy JETÑIL-KIJINER + Aka NIVIÂNA, Quayola, KUNIMATSU Kineta, CHOE U-Ram, Wabisabi
  • Mirai Lab: h.o, Fujimori, Wacom Co., Ltd
CuratorHOSOKAWA Asami (SIAF Manager)
ArtistAmy KARLE, AOKI Mika, CHOE U-Ram, Fujimori, Giovanni BETTI + Katharina FLECK, GOTO Akinori, HASEGAWA Ai, h.o, Kathy JETÑIL-KIJINER + Aka NIVIÂNA, KOMAKUS, KUNIMATSU Kineta, NAKAZATO Yuima, OGAWA Emiko, Quayola, SHII Taihei, Superflux, Tega BRAIN + Julian OLIVER + Bengt SJÖLÉN, Wabisabi, Xin LIU
Initiative PartnerStartbarn, inc., Wacom Co., Ltd

Future Theater
(Higashi 1-chome Theater)

Venues requiring admission fees

Odori Higashi 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Saturday, January 20 - Sunday, February 25, 2024
Opening Hours
Opening hours: 10:00-19:00(open till 21:00 during Sapporo Snow Festival period)

Admission ends 30 minutes before closing time
Dates Closed
No closures
Getting Here
  • 15-min walk from Sapporo Station (JR/Subway) or 6-min walk from Odori Station (Subway) on the Tozai Line, Namboku Line, or Toho Line.